Elizabeth Town

A Brigantine is now on the stocks at this boatyard, upwards of 92 tons burthen – she is considerable forwardness – her keel is laid, stem and stern up, and most of her lower timbers placed, to be built entirely of the best white oak and black walnut, and decked with yellow pine plank, under the immediate direction of Mr. John Scott, Master Builder.
In the month of March next she will be finished, take in a valuable cargo of flour, etc. for New-Orleans, where vessel and cargo will be sold.


A select company of respectable farmers and citizens of this town, are the owners and promoters of this commercial business, and have assumed the name of the Monongahela Company.


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Item from the Pittsburgh Gazette,
Pittsburgh, Pa. August 23, 1800
p. 3, Col. 2.

The Mississippi River at New Orleans-
by A. R. Waud