"In October, 1772, orders were received by Major
Edmondson, the commanding officer here, from
Gen. Gage, the commander-in-chief of the British forces
in North America, to abandon Fort Pitt. In carrying out this
order Major Edmonson sold the pickets, stones, bricks,
timber and iron, in the walls and buildings of the fort and redoubts, for the sum of fifty pounds, New York currency.
Fort Pitt was then abandoned and a corporal and three men were left, to take care of the boats and bateaux intended
to keep up the communication with the Illinois country.

Thus it appears, that Fort Pitt, which had cost the
government about £60,000 sterling, and which was
designed to secure forever British empire on the Ohio,
was within thirteen years ordered to be abandoned.
Such is the short sightedness of our wisest statesmen
that even William Pitt could not foresee, the early
abandonment of the formidable work which bore his name."

The History of Pittsburgh by Neville B. Craig, Esq. 1851. Page 110.

l Fort Pitt

The 1761
Plan of Fort Pitt
by Bernard Ratzer